Me and my agent, but more importantly GREAT friend!

Me and my agent, but more importantly GREAT friend!
Jess and Amanda

Swimming in Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Swimming in Lake Taupo, New Zealand
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Crossing the finish line
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

You are not invincible!

This week after the marathon has been a blur...I was of course on a huge endorphine high for a couple days after the race...but just as I was enjoying the moment a little virus decided to settle right in my body for a party...although this is not a party I like to attend! Yes, I got the infamous "after race illness" that so often plagues many athletes after a key race. I'm actually really ok - just got a chest virus that takes time to "run its course".

I have a theory that during the week prior to a race your body goes into a state of "hibranation" --- now, with that being said, your body also says..."hmmm, I'm not working me as hard as normal...well, I'd better take this time to repair, rest and take advantage of this break...don't know when I'm going to get to rest again"...well, with that being said, I sincerely believe that during this time of "rest" your body tries to repair, but ultimately "let's it's barriers down" which may lend a hand to a host of virus's marching right into an unsuspecting territory...i.e., my body!!!

Well, regardless of whether or not my theory has any scientific evidence or not, it happended to me! I was feeling a head cold coming on Saturday (day before the race) and it didn't let up on Sunday morning when I woke up. You can guess that after running 26.2 miles that your immune system just doesn't stand a chance to any viral infection waiting to pounce! So, yes, this past week I've gone thru more tissues, cough drops, Earl Grey tea bags, nasal sprays and cough medicine than I'd like to admit...augh! I hate being sick...I mean seriously, who does like it? But, I really hate it...I don't have time for it and it just doesn't go very well with my everyday activities...puts me in a bit of a crunch! You see, I'm a mommy, a wife, a triathlete, a coach and I teach a lot of classes at the YMCA and Gold's Gym in Birmingham, so, when I'm sick...I need to find subs, explain to my daughter why I can't play, feel guilty that my husband has to play "double duty" as daddy and mommy and then explain to potential subs and coaches why I'm sick and then get better and so on...blah, blah,'s all just too exhausting! I found myself taking 2 days off...this NEVER happens, but rest is what the doctor and coach ordered - and quite frankly I didn't mind and it was a recovery week, so, if any time off was going to happen, I'd better take it now!

We've all been there - sick, injured, or just in a mental funk...whatever the case may be it's a blessing to go thru this piece of the journey. It's a way to re-respect your temple...the body we pull out of bed everyday and train, torture, sculpt and sometimes abuse in order to get the results we all dream and deem so important. I forgot that I wasn't invincible. Thankfully I was able to race last weekend before this head and chest cold took over my body - however, this past week I paid for it...I learned this week though that rest and repair are so important and your body is knows what it, for instance right now, I need a good meal and a good night's sleep...still repairing, still getting my health back up...still respecting what God gave me...and remembering to never take it for granted!

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Amy Beth Kloner said...

Jessica- wanted to say congrats after the race yesterday. You had a solid day and it was great to race w/ you again. Best of luck with the rest of your season.