Me and my agent, but more importantly GREAT friend!

Me and my agent, but more importantly GREAT friend!
Jess and Amanda

Swimming in Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Swimming in Lake Taupo, New Zealand
"How sweet it is!"

Jessica Jacobs...IRONMAN CHAMPION!!!!

Ironman Florida, 2010 Women's Champion in a time of 9:07:50

Crossing the finish line

Crossing the finish line
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PowerMan (National Duathlon Championships!)

PowerMan Weekend!
What a great, great weekend and event! Not only did I win the PowerMan event - also known as the National Duathlon, yes, I am now a national Champion!! (And no one can ever take that away from me!) - but, I got to be so lucky as to cheer on my hubby the day before at the Magic City Duathlon! (It's a shorter event, but just as exciting! It's a 5K run, 15 mile ride and 1 mile run!) ---- my daughter and I got to be the cheerleaders for Daddy!!! It was very fun, but I can now see why so many say, "it's exhausting being the fans!!!"
On Sunday, it was my turn to go to work! 5 mile run, 34 mile bike, 5 mile plan of attack was to go into the first run conservatively, then lay down the hammer on the bike and let 'er rip on the second run. Very good game plan and smart...if you're patient and controlled! The gun went off and all of the ladies were excited, but I didn't feel as though anyone was going out too hard, so I found myself leading the pack within the first 400 meters. Not what I anticipated or wanted, but I do like to control things! I found 2 girls right on my heels if not breathing down my neck during the first 3 miles of the run, but I got a chance to open up my lead and put a little gap b/t #2 and #3 by mile 4 and 5. I got into transition with a 10 sec lead (not much by any stretch, but, it was nice to be first!) --- once on the bike it was time to open up that lead. As planned I rode hard thru the streets of downtown Birmingham like a mad woman! It paid off as I had a 5 min lead going into transition for the second run...that felt great, but I did my best to not allow that lead to slow me down! The second run was tough during the first mile, but than I got my "runner's legs" under me and ran it home for the win! It was nice to win on my home turf (again) and be around such amazing friends and family! I love the Birmingham family I've established here in less than 2 years! I'm so incredibly blessed to have great training partners, friends, a coach and bike shop (Bike Link) that goes above and beyond the call of duty (and with a smile!!!) If you get the chance, definitely support the Team Magic events in the area - Teresa and Faye are wonderful race directors and are always looking for what's in the best interest of the athlete! Hope you enjoyed the blog and I'll be updating you on my adventures some more this week! Promise!!!

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